Hi there, my name is Rosen Zahariev and I’m a developer.
I am a full-stack web developer covered by more than 13 years of experience with Linux Server administration, networks, PBX, php, mysql, Java Script, jQuery, LAMP, SaaS systems and many others, as well as a Master’s Degree in Computer Systems and Technology from the Technical University of Sofia, faculty in Plovdiv.

Everything is possible, or at least I like to think that way. It does sound like a one-man army and it most times is but I get help from other developers who also became my friends. Working with specialists in their main areas helps me provide great quality service. I’m always giving my best to push all projects forward and deliver results.

The purpose of this website was for me to list all the projects I have created and manage.
Then I have introduced a set of inexpensive WordPress plugins for online payments. The idea is that so they are accessible to more people.

If anything of the above has peaked your interest or you have any queries feel free to reach me through the contact form. I will be glad to discuss your ideas and how can we turn them into reality.